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September 21, 2013
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DA2 - Worth It by aimo DA2 - Worth It by aimo
The most widely-held assumption at the moment of Bianca, the mysterious woman in Varric's past, is that she died leaving him heartbroken (Her appearance in Until We Sleep #2 - ).

But with a recent statement by Varric's writer Mary Kirby hinting that she might yet still be alive ( )...

...what if Bianca left without him?

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stephanie1983 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
0.0 .........

wants to play matchmaker in DAI - cant you just imagine the feels? ; ; just love the guy so much if he cant have a player as li must be able to get him and bianca back together!!
Varrics-Love Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
*tears* I will huggle you and keep you safe Varric
BinkuMuja Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013
As weird as this sounds I sometimes thought Bianca was his sister who escaped to the surface or was killed. But I suppose that wouldn't make sense if that were the case. Thanks, I had no idea who or what she was! It's nice to have confirmation on what she looks like!
Deltarno Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
Look on the bright(?) side; if he's romance in Inquisition, he's likely to tell you the whole story.  Or she'll come back as an animated corpse, whichever twists the knife more.
Side note, glad they dropped the 3 from Inquisition, otherwise the abbreviation would be DAIIII.
wunderwolfer Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
Awwwww :(
Pinkatron2000 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Student Writer
Dear Aimo, 
I do not have enough glue for my heart to piece it back together after your comics. Good lord, this is wonderfully sad. 
aimo Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013   Traditional Artist
Sorry ;3; My heart had broken many times over drawing sad comics like this one T_T But I can't stop, when the idea compels me to visualize it ;A;
Pinkatron2000 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Student Writer
It's okay. I think, personally, if you can reduce me to a wobbly mess of sogginess or laughing out loud? You are definitely "doing it rite!" I love Varric, and I love your ability to tell an amazing story in words <3
Naramyon Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Well, everything I know of Varric (from DA2, excluding all DLC) left me with the impression that Bianca was beloved to him, but a happy memory.
Varric named his crossbow after her, so it probably didn't end with heartbreak. That bow is his baby. He put so much time and effort into that thing that it was a part of him. You don't name a weapon like that after someone who brings up bad memories. (Unless you're a masochist, which Varric doesn't strike me as.)
Maybe it was a whirlwind-romance that they mutually broke off. An 'I love you, but couldn't live with you', or 'We have different priorities, so let's leave while the seas are calm'. 

But then again, Bianca could be the reason why Varric isn't a romantic interest for Hawke. (Does anyone else find it hilarious that Varric is the only canon heterosexual male of the party?)

Or maybe Varric is the type who can look back and feel happiness from the experience, regardless of the ending. 
FeralCorpse Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I didn't take away from it that she died. I really didn't.


 I actually thought it played out more like this above only less scornful. From 'Until We Sleep' #2, it sounded like Bartrend was hunting down his little brother to continue being the middle man, given that we know, in DA 2, he had a lot of connections in the Cartel. I thought Varric voluntarily went back to Kirkwall because his mother died, o something, and Bianca was forced to go off alone. Or was forced not to show her face in Kirkwall again.


. Didn't the people making his story say that she was suppose to be a Chamber Maid for his mother? Was that how they met? Heh, I always thought she was going to be part of the cartel or something.. Hellfire be it, if House Tethras would have him marry a common surface dwarf let alone a servant.

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