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October 21, 2012
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5% Pride by aimo 5% Pride by aimo
Apparently according to Bioware telemetrics, only 5% of overall Dragon Age: Origins playthroughs are of Dwarf Origins.

So here we are. Brosca midriff makes this piece, tbh ^3^

Medium: Brush pen, copic markers, photoshop
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boogy-man964 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Why would you play as anything but a dwarf.
CMY187 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
Hell yeah make me one of the 5% too. The other 95% are missing out on the two best Origins in the entire game.
Dwarves will always be my favourite fantasy race (I really dislike elves, so I have no problem with them being mostly a slave race in the Dragon Age franchise)

If you don't mind me sharing, here's a summary/description I made of my favourite ever Origins-Awakening Warden (a dwarf, of course)
Circe3173 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
My two main saves in Origins are dwarves: Sereda Aeducan and Faren Brosca <3
JXMftw Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
What is so great about humans and elves? Dwarves are my favourite fantasy race in any franchise. Dwarf commoner is my number 1 origin, closely followed by dwarven noble. 5% pride, absolutely.
Sternguard Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
Dang elves stealing all the love from us hugable dwarves!
TardyBag Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
I never played a dwarf but I find them adorable! I could still play as one but I think going through the game three times in Origins is enough for me.
I will definitely be playing dwarf in Inquisition though. I got a name for her and everything. I can't wait! :)
Moya-no-Baka Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
I would wear that shirt.

Dwarf all the way!
earthward Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
Dwarf commoner is my second favorite start, behind mage (elf and human essentially the same). Then comes city elf, then dwarf noblehen human noble.
BinkuMuja Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
I actually decided to leave my dwarven routes for last. Mostly because I really want to see what happens when you return to Orz as a dwarf on either side of the fence-and I know if I went with them too early I would've been spoiled completely for certain characters. But I have both my Dwarves all rolled up and ready to go (to save time so I can hit the ground running) but I have to go back a few saves in my dalish elf route because I missed a few things origin specific there before I can pick up on Beryl or Jet. (my Aeducan and Duster respectively)

It'll be even funnier when I transfer my duster's save-because he's hunting down Morrigan and his baby whether she likes it or not.

However, I must admit I am more inclined towards mage specific characters (human mostly) but I did find the dwarve's to be complete beast's in combat if stat's are played right. (Sigrun the untouchable!)
Cat-Star4 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You convinced me to play the Dwarf Origins! Thanks for this!
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